Wednesday, April 8, 2009


How can I help a pigeon building a nest? I watch him picking at small twigs, rejecting some, finding the one with with just enough weight and flying away to the nest. I lay a few promising twigs on the patio for him to find. How does he know which ones will provide shelter for the eggs his partner still carries in her swollen body? Instinct, God given, directs his movements and choices.

How can parents assure God's blessing on their families? I picture those who love the Lord laying out the materials of faith, watching children grow and mature in the way God has chosen for them. Pigeons don't pray. Parents pray and provide snippets of faith, sharing what God is doing in their lives. Parents rejoice with evey step of Christian maturity and know it is a gift, and inheritance of believers.

I praise God today for His life I see in my children and in thier children.
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