Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter sitings

Reminders of Easter are everywhere. A tour of the nursery at OSH refreshed my vision, bright colors reaching out to be taken home. Two six-packs of impatiens wait in my patio.

Maudy Thursday service at Menlo Pres was solumn and worshipful. Piano and cello accompanied the choir and it was heavenly.

Unexpected glimpses of the importance of the Resurrection blessed my soul. Friday waiting for eye exam, a man and I began chatting. He had unsuccessful surgery to correct glaucoma, had to cancel a cruise he and his wife were taking. His eyesight is at risk in that eye. He expressed concern over missing Holy Friday mass and said his favorite festival is Easter. We shared the comforting thought that if everything else falls away, we have the Resurrected Christ.

Usually the laundry room is not a holy place. Last evening a Chinese man responded to my question about Easter by saying yes he goes to a Christian Chinese church.

A resident told me someone I know from a prior Bible study had a stroke and can't talk clearly. This Catholic resident was on her way to take her Bible to Mona. She knows Mona reads it very day. Mona may never be back here, she said. So we agreed Easter is a good reminder of our future.

We all need Easter.

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