Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas at Mt Hermon

Lights reflected in rain puddles, slippery walkways cause some umbrella collisions. Welcoming warmth in the festive dining room. The delightful array of finely prepared foods encourage holiday appetites. Red contrasts with black in many outfits. Friends join around tables. Our table is celebrating a 70th birthday.

We visit favorite haunts, the bookstore and the Christmas craft sale.

On to the concert in the old tabernacle. Plan for the new building are on hold and "temporary" fixes update one of our favorite places. The pews are recushioned, new light fixtures glow softly, and the huge organ bellows and whispers at the will of the organist who helped to make the organ. Roger Williams mentions the buckets available to catch roof leaks.

Glorious music fills the room as if in defiance of slow economy and plans delayed. I gaze at the window, realizing I am sitting in the same area where I sat when I first visited Mt Hermon. I can't see the trees outside but I know they are still there.

There is a peaceful stability in old favorite places even if they leak some.
And the peace comes from the One we are singing about.


  1. I feel like I am there when I read this. I am glad for your wandering to Mt. Hermon many years ago.

  2. Oh, I have such good memories there! Thanks for taking me back...